Guide to Obtaining an Indian Visa from Saudi Arabia

For residents in Saudi Arabia planning a visit to India, acquiring an Indian Visa from Saudi Arabia is a pivotal step. This guide outlines the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for individuals residing in the Kingdom.

1. Identify Your Visa Type

Determine the type of visa that aligns with your travel purpose. Whether it’s for tourism, business, employment, or other specific activities, understanding the appropriate visa category is crucial.

2. Access the VFS Global Website

VFS Global is the authorized outsourcing partner for the Embassy of India in Saudi Arabia. Visit their website ( to access essential information, including the visa application process, requirements, and fees.

3. Select Your Visa Category

Choose the specific visa category based on your travel purpose. Categories include Tourist, Business, Employment, Student, and more. Each category has distinct documentation requirements, so choose accordingly.

4. Complete the Online Application Form

Fill out the online visa application form available on the VFS Global website. Provide accurate and detailed information, and ensure you have all required supporting Indian Visa from UAE documents ready before initiating the application.

5. Gather Necessary Documents

The documents needed may vary based on the visa category. Generally, you will need:

  • Passport with at least six months’ validity.
  • Passport-sized photographs.
  • Proof of residence in Saudi Arabia.
  • Travel itinerary.
  • Supporting documents based on the chosen visa type.

6. Schedule an Appointment

Book an appointment through the VFS Global website to submit your documents and biometrics at the visa application center. Choose a date and time convenient for you.

7. Visit the Visa Application Center

On the scheduled day, visit the VFS Global Visa Application Center in Saudi Arabia. Submit your documents, provide biometrics, and pay the visa fee. Ensure you have all required documents in both original and photocopy form.

8. Track Your Application Status

Use the reference number provided at the application center to track the status of your visa application on the VFS Global website. Regularly check for updates on the processing status.

9. Collect Your Visa

Upon approval, collect your Indian Visa from the VFS Global Visa Application Center. Ensure you have the necessary documents, including the visa approval notification and a valid identification card.

Important Tips

  • Initiate Early: Start the visa application process well in advance of your intended travel date to allow for sufficient processing time.
  • Documentation Check: Double-check that all your documents are in order before submitting them at the application center.
  • Adhere to Guidelines: Follow the guidelines provided by VFS Global and the Indian Embassy to ensure a smooth application process.
  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the progress of your application by checking the status regularly on the VFS Global website.


Acquiring your Indian Visa from Saudi Arabia can be a straightforward process by following these steps. By staying organized and complying with the requirements, you can ensure a hassle-free experience and look forward to your visit to India.