Requirements for minor children travelling to canada

When minor children travel to Canada, whether alone or with adults, certain requirements must be met to ensure their safety and compliance with requirements for minor children travelling to canada. Here are the key requirements for minor children traveling to Canada:

Passport and Travel Documents

All minor children traveling to Canada must have their own valid passport. If the child is traveling alone or with only one parent or guardian, they may need additional documents, such as a consent letter signed by both parents or legal guardians authorizing the child to travel.

Visa or eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

Depending on the child’s nationality, they may need a visa or eTA to enter Canada. Some countries are exempt from the visa requirement, but all travelers, including minors, must obtain an eTA if they are visa-exempt. Ensure that the child’s travel documents are in order before departure.

Consent Letter

If a minor child is traveling to Canada with only one parent or guardian, or with someone other than their parents (such as a relative or family friend), a consent letter may be required. This letter should be signed by both parents or legal guardians and include details such as the child’s travel dates, the accompanying adult’s information, and contact details for the parents.

Medical Insurance

It is highly recommended that minor children traveling to Canada have adequate medical insurance coverage for the duration of their stay. Canadian healthcare can be expensive for visitors, and having insurance helps cover the costs of medical treatment in case working in canada with your eta of illness or injury.

Accommodation and Support

Minor children traveling to Canada should have a confirmed place to stay during their visit, whether it’s with family or friends, in a hotel, or other accommodations. The child should also have access to support and supervision from responsible adults throughout their stay.

Parental Contact Information

Parents or legal guardians should provide contact information to the child for use in case of emergencies. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, and any other relevant details that can be used to reach the parents or guardians while the child is in Canada.

Travel Itinerary

Minor children traveling to Canada should have a detailed travel itinerary, including flight details, accommodation information, and planned activities. This information can be helpful for immigration officials and provides a clear picture of the child’s travel plans.


Ensuring that minor children meet all the necessary requirements for travel to Canada is essential for their safety, security, and compliance with immigration regulations. By preparing the required documents, obtaining necessary permissions, and providing support and supervision throughout the journey, parents and guardians can help facilitate a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for their children to Canada.