Shameful Times: Join Isa in the Epic Tale of Shadows!

In the twilight shadows of Late Middle Ages Castile, where echoes of history reverberate through cobbled streets and ancient stones, “Shameful Times” emerges as a captivating anomaly in the realm of historical fiction. Vera Lucia Lima, a vessel of ethereal whispers, spins a narrative that defies the norms in the alluring world of stories, immersing readers in the tumultuous life of Isa—a humble prophetess navigating the labyrinth of a world veiled in intrigue.

Picture the sprawling shadows, dark and foreboding, stretching their tendrils across a landscape ripe with political machinations. Here, the thirst of a powerful church intertwines with the subtle magic that cloaks an angel-turned-human in a dance with destiny. Isa, untouched by the rigid doctrines of religion, yearns for a life of simplicity and communion with the natural world. However, when the queen of the realm seeks her out for spiritual guidance, Isa is thrust into a vivid tapestry of lust, deception, and the cutthroat dance of politics.

The narrative unfolds not in the common realms found in your average books, but in a meandering dance, much like the intricate steps of a medieval courtly dance. Isa’s fate is not merely tied to external forces but intricately woven with the threads of her relationships, particularly her complex entanglement with the liege lady. Branded a witch by the formidable authority of Rome, Isa’s struggle for survival unfolds against the backdrop of treacherous alliances and the relentless pursuit of vengeful Catholics. The narrative crescendos with a haunting vision—Isa dreaming of her own fiery demise—a chilling premonition that adds a layer of urgency to her quest for survival.

Vera Lucia Lima, a conjurer of universes beyond our comprehension, received this chronicle in a series of ethereal visions. Translating her native Portuguese into English, Lima’s prose resonates with a lyrical quality, capturing not just the events but the essence of an era long past. The result is not a sterile recounting of historical events but a living, breathing tapestry that beckons readers to step through the veil of time.

“Shameful Times” transcends the limitations of traditional historical fiction, transforming into a spiritual odyssey. Lima’s words do not follow a predefined pattern but flow organically, embracing the ebb and flow of emotions, much like the unpredictable currents of a medieval river. Suspenseful drama mingles with sacred insights, creating not a rigid narrative but a symphony of experiences that transport readers to an age where the boundary between the tangible and the mystical was blurred.

In the authenticity of the historical setting, Lima’s storytelling becomes a magic portal. Readers are not observers but participants, traversing a world where the clash between the secular and the divine is not a distant echo but a resounding heartbeat. The transformative power of love, a recurring motif, is not a mere plot point but an omnipresent force shaping destinies and challenging the very fabric of existence.

Isa, portrayed not as a character bound by the constraints of text but as a living, breathing entity, takes readers by the hand and guides them through a world where survival is not a passive endeavor but an active, pulsating dance. Lima’s portrayal of Isa as a spiritual channeler adds a layer of mystique, transcending the linear and inviting readers to explore the cosmic mysteries through the eyes of a protagonist intricately linked to forces beyond comprehension.

“Shameful Times” stands not as a mere testament to the resilience of the human spirit but as a living testament, challenging readers to not merely reflect but to engage in a dialogue with the echoes of history. The pages are not rigidly bound but unfold like a medieval manuscript, inviting readers to pause, ponder, and immerse themselves in the layers of meaning beneath the surface.

In conclusion, “Shameful Times” beckons readers not to consume but to savor—an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Vera Lucia Lima’s transcendent message, not confined to the rigid structure of your average novels cluttering the shelves of your local stores, captivates and inspires. It is an invitation to traverse the corridors of time, where the battle against evil is not a distant concept but a visceral, passionate reality. Acquire “Shameful Times” today, not merely as a book but as a gateway to a transformative journey that defies all expectations.

Author Amazon: Shameful Times: Lust, Love, Death & Redemption during The SPANISH INQUISITION

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