If you find yourself in need of an urgent Vietnam visa, whether for a last-minute business trip or an unexpected travel opportunity, you’ll be pleased to know that expedited visa services are available. In this guide, we’ll outline the steps to secure an URGENT VIETNAM VISA.

Types of Urgent Vietnam Visas

  1. Urgent Business Visa: This type of visa is suitable for travelers with business-related purposes, such as meetings, negotiations, or attending conferences in Vietnam on short notice.
  2. Urgent Tourist Visa: If you’ve received a last-minute invitation to explore the cultural wonders of Vietnam or have an unplanned opportunity for leisure travel, this visa option is ideal.

Visa Application Options

To obtain an urgent Vietnam visa, you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Embassy Visa: Contact the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your home country or your nearest location. Explain your situation, and inquire about their expedited visa processing services. They will provide you with specific instructions and document requirements.
  2. Visa on Arrival (VOA): While VOA services typically take 2-3 business days for processing, some VOA service providers offer “urgent” or “super urgent” processing options. Be sure to check with these service providers for their expedited services.

Required Documents

The specific documents required for an urgent Vietnam visa may vary depending on the method and service provider you choose. However, you will generally need:

  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity from your VIETNAM VISA FOR CYPRUS CITIZENS intended arrival date.
  • A recent passport-sized photo.
  • Completed visa application form (if applying at an embassy).
  • Visa approval letter (if applying for VOA).

Visa Processing Times and Fees

Expedited visa services often come with additional fees, so be prepared for higher costs compared to regular visa applications. Processing times will also vary depending on the urgency of your request, with options ranging from 1 business day to a few hours for extreme urgencies.

Arrival in Vietnam

Upon your arrival in Vietnam, whether through an international airport or land border checkpoint, present your passport, visa approval letter (if applicable), and passport-sized photo. Make sure that all documents are in order and ready for inspection to expedite your entry into Vietnam.


Obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa is possible, even in time-sensitive situations. By understanding the types of urgent visas available, the application options, required documents, and potential expedited processing fees, you can navigate the process efficiently and make the most of your last-minute travel plans.